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Specialist Speaking

Dr. M.O. “MO” Way Texas Rice Research Entomologist moway@aesrg.tamu.edu Control 6-legged pests When I discuss topics other than insects, I get a little nervous, but, finally, this month, I get to talk about six-legged critters! For starters, let me emphasize the importance of scouting and explicitly following pesticide label instructions. If you do not hire a crop consultant, you must ... Read More »

Rotate And Mix Herbicide MOAs

Josh Cartwright Bear River Supply, Inc. Rio Oso, Calif. My hands-on experience with rice began with a summer job at Bear River Supply – a part of Butte County Rice Growers Association (BUCRA) – while I was attending junior college. Later, I was fortunate enough to be hired full-time after graduating from Chico State. Working with the PCAs at Bear ... Read More »

Prepare for Challenges in 2015

Richard Costello Boeuf Delta Ag Services Northeast Louisiana While in college, I interned with Jack McDaniel, an independent consultant at the time, and enjoyed it even though the hours were long. I also did two internships with a crop protection company on a research farm and liked the research end of the industry. As I continued my education, I met ... Read More »

Be Aggressive Up Front

Make weed control decisions now By Carroll Smith Editor Strategic herbicide choices and application timing early in the season not only provides better control of target weeds while they are small but also maximizes yield potential and quality when harvest season rolls around. Early season weed competition contributes to yield loss in the first three to four weeks after crop ... Read More »

Specialist Speaking: Weed Control

Dr. M.O. “MO” Way Texas Rice Research Entomologist moway@aesrg.tamu.edu Serious Weed Pests Weeds typically are the most serious and consistent pests of rice production. Failure to control weeds in rice leads to significant and often devastating yield losses. Last year, I observed firsthand the total loss of rice production in organic fields infested with hemp sesbania and rough jointvetch. These ... Read More »

Adapt To Planting Challenges

Be prepared to adjust herbicides and application timings Heavy rainfall interfered with rice planting in 2014, complicating weed control. Protecting rice crops and preventing yield loss required continuous evaluation and adjustments to weed management programs. Johnathon Morris, an Arkansas consultant, felt the changes of the season. Like many, he had to alter herbicide choices and application timings. Weed Spectrum With ... Read More »

P and K Management

Dr. Bruce Linquist California UCCE Rice Specialist balinquist@ucdavis.edu Application of the four Rs (right rate, right source, right timing and right placement) helps ensure high fertilizer use efficiency. Last year we discussed the four Rs of fertilizer N; this year I will touch on how they apply to phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) management in conventional water-seeded rice systems. The ... Read More »

Adjusting Rice Fertility Programs ‘Makes A Big Difference’

To help manage his rice crop, from winter planning sessions all the way through the season, Rehermann depends on the advice of Eric Benzel, a PCA with Big Valley Ag Services in Gridley. “The members of the family from which Eric comes are long time friends of my family,” Rehermann says. “Right after World War II, my father worked for ... Read More »

Stick To Field-By-Field Strategies In 2015

by Carl Fannon Simon Says, Inc. Holly Grove, Ark. When I was a young teenager looking for something to do to make extra money, Jeff Calloway, an independent seed and chemical dealer in Holly Grove, hired me to “sweep up.” Later, he sent me out with his representatives to help me learn the consulting business. I worked for and learned ... Read More »

Yorktown Planting Co.

Arkansas farmers share their recipe for success The main ingredients for their operation’s success, according to fifth- and sixth-generation Arkansas rice farmers Paul and Gil Dreher, include choosing the right varieties, investing in a grain management system, managing their water wisely and hiring a conscientious rice consultant. “My grandfather, my dad and my uncle settled in Grady, Ark., in the ... Read More »